Thursday, August 21, 2008

traveling abroad...

Hello Argentina and Indonesia! I'm still excited about the foreign visitors to our blog. One day we will travel abroad... get stamps on the passports we have yet to own. I wonder if many of you travel for fun or is it business? Do many of you want to visit the United States as much as we want to visit other countries?

Our aspirations in business include designing items that would be handmade for us in other countries... thus allowing us to help families that might otherwise not have an adequate income to live. At the Union Square Holiday Festival, in New York City, we met a woman who did just that... all of the items in her booth were made abroad and she seemed so fulfilled to be able to create and also help others. I hope to seek her out this year and get more details about her endeavors. Who knows... we might just be traveling abroad, for business, as well?

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