Tuesday, August 12, 2008

let's get physical...

We put up four new pieces on the Etsy site yesterday! Would like to be a bit more disciplined and maybe not wait "two weeks" before we do it again! :)

Good things happening on our weight-loss program... it's been two weeks and we are starting to lose some of our extra poundage! David has lost more than I... but isn't that the norm? Men somehow get to lose faster... bummer for me!

We haven't really changed our eating habits yet... we just started using our treadmill and pilates machine! We bought both of the machines a long time ago... I'm afraid to look it up because I will be so embarrassed! Of course, I had to look for the dates... OCD, right? We got the pilates February 2006 and the treadmill soon afterward! It took us 2 1/2 years, but we are finally using them!

Praise God! I'm happy to say that we have really made it a routine to work-out... if one is on the treadmill, the other uses the pilates machine! I made a 10-page booklet of pilates exercises out of the large poster that accompanied the machine (never could find a convenient place to post it once we moved it to our living room!) Yes! Our living room has become our gym, too! Have to do what it takes, right?

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