Wednesday, August 6, 2008

greenmarket... a true pleasure!

Greenmarket, the largest and most successful open-air farmers markets program in the country connects local farmers with city residents by delivering fresh healthy produce to all five boroughs. Greenmarkets 44 market locations allow New Yorkers to purchase fresh fruit, vegetables, and other locally produced products straight from regional farmers. By directly connecting farmers and producers to New Yorkers, Greenmarket supports family farms, preserves farm land, delivers fresh healthy produce to those who need it most, and reduces the environmental effects that result from food traveling across the country or world. Greenmarket has set the standard for farmers markets for 30 years, and continues to grow and serve new communities.

We spent part of today at the Union Square Greenmarket... a true pleasure! This will be something we'll miss when we move from the Big Apple! You buy as much as you can carry because most of us are walking or ride the subway home. The selection is fantastic! Fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, etc... all so fresh and irresistible!

Another day goes by and our jewelry pieces silently await their day to be photographed. Maybe tomorrow? :)

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