Friday, August 8, 2008

just love this show!!!!

I had a blast today watching episodes of "Flipping Out"... I think I found my long lost brother! Oh my... we are so alike! Like two peas in a pod! Have you seen this show yet? The second season just finished, I think? It's hilarious! Now I need to TIVO all of the episodes before the third season begins!

I could seriously see us "flipping houses"... expressing our passions thru renovating houses!! Imagine the possibilities out there! Somehow, I just don't see us doing this in New York City... who knows what God has in store for us! :)

David and I have given new life to many things in the past... our business in Texas was called Renaissance Rags because it was a "rebirth" for the old items we would find in antique stores... like evening bags, clothing, hats and jewelry! For the past nine years, we've also revamped old antique furniture pieces. Wonderful chest of drawers, armoires, end tables and mirrors have become great "shabby chic" pieces! Most recently, we did an oversized chest of drawers and even ordered some carved feet to enhance the broad base... it still needs a final coat of paint and the perfect set of glass knobs... but it will be another "one-of-a-kind" mendlbarr piece to add to our large collection! I'll post a picture when it's completed!

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