Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Have you noticed the small world map at the bottom of our website or this blog? Well, I want to tell you a little bit about it, in case you don't know... it tracks where my visitors are located. It's so much fun to see where all of you come from. I think today was worth noting because we got our first visitor from outside the United States! Now, to most of you it's probably no big deal but to me... one who still doesn't own a passport... it's a very exciting thing! The closest I've been to traveling the world has been watching "The Amazing Race" each and every season!

To our visitor from Morocco (if the map is accurate)... welcome! Hopefully you liked what you saw and will return! Thanks for visiting our sites!

Here's the link to ClustrMaps... just in case you want to have fun, too!


John Deru said...

Congrat !! You're succesfull to install clustrmap. I'm from Indonesia, one of your blog visitor..

Greetings from me.
John Deru

mendlbarr said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting... sometimes we wonder if anyone reads our blogs! All the way from Indonesia... how exciting!