Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the power of "saging"

Want to share something with you that just might make life a little easier! 

Robert Downey, Jr. has been a  favorite of mine for a long time and when I read that he has improved his life with the use of "saging"... I had to do my own research and give it a try.   I am now a true believer in the powers of energy and utilize "saging" in my life.  Peace immediately surrounds our home afterwards... we've become more productive when the "negative" energy is sent away.  May you find this information helpful.  Heather Buchanan,, writes:
Have you ever had the feeling that there's an invisible little grouchy entity which has attached itself to you and is wreaking havoc with your life (not including certain political figures)? I'm a great believer in the power of energy be it positive or negative and when I hit a patch where I've done yoga five days in a row, shaved my legs, finished my column, and chased two mating ducks out of the middle of the road so they didn't get hit by an oncoming truck, and I feel good about myself, magical things can happen.
After spending two days, in bed, in a cloud of yuckiness... I decided to grab my sage and give it a try!  Yes...finally feel like myself again!  It's times like these that I wonder what kept me from remembering the powers of "saging"?  So you ask "what is it?"  Nicole Brown, eHow Contributing Writer, gives a concise description:

Sage has been burned by the Native American people for centuries. Today, burning sage has become a widespread practice. Sage can be used for a variety of different purposes. One common use for sage is to cleanse a space. Sage can be purchased in a ready-made bundle or loose. Once lit, the smoke from the sage can be fanned around the location with the intent of purifying the area and removing any negative energies. Sage can be burned in your home to cleanse it of a haunting or unwanted spirit activity.
Hope this enlightens and inspires...
Belinda :)

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