Monday, July 19, 2010

God works in mysterious ways...

Remembering a blog post of mine from way back.  This is a picture of the Guadalupe River in Texas... many fond memories of tubing and how, in parts, it was slow and boring and at other times fast, furious and so much fun!  Life is just like that... God works in mysterious ways!

If you ever have the time for me to go "on and on and on" about the unique and crazy things God has done in our lives... I am more than happy to open up and sure hope that you, too, will share your miracles and inspire :)

Blessed in many ways... it's still amazes me how God can bring people into your life at just the perfect moment!   The anticipation of meeting someone for the first time, whether by phone or in person, can be an adrenaline high!  Getting to know someone and digging deeper to see what makes them "click"?  The best part is knowing that, somehow, you are kindred spirits... a divine purpose will be fullfilled and we may never really know the "big picture".  If you have faith and realize there are no coincidences... what a wonderful ride!

Had a terrific conversation with someone brand new!  Afterwards... felt energized and hopped on that lonely treadmill staring at me.  Hope this is the start of a new direction... ready to ride the rapids, hold on to my inner tube and "enjoy the time" (there is a wonderful mom out there who shared these wise words to my new friend ... I now share them with you!)

God bless all of you!
Belinda :)

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