Saturday, July 31, 2010

just dust yourself off and get back on the horse...

Why is it that one moment I can be on such a "high" and in no time, I feel like I got bucked off a horse and I'm eating dirt?  This morning was terrific... spent hours on the terrace tending to our abundance of plant life and even noticed the cicadas singing :)  Still in that serene peace... I grab the blackberry... why????

Answered an email from a distant pal back in Texas and soon it gets ugly... judgement and preaching.  I get sucked in and drain myself of all that wonderful "high".   Fighting the urge to crawl in bed and dwell in this "funkiness"... I decide to dust myself off and climb back on that horse to continue the wonderful ride!

Lessons learned...
1)  Protect your sacred time by not allowing the outside world to intrude! 
2)  When the "funkiness" appears... just dust yourself off and get back on that horse!

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