Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a little bit about us...

Thought I'd take the time to tell you a little about "mendlbarr" and how it all got started! I'm lucky to be married to my soulmate and have been able to explore many creative outlets. We both have a large "common ground" in the arts! We are both Texans and very proud of it! Our move to the "big apple" is due to my acting aspirations and my husband's design aspirations!

We started creating jewelry while we were in Texas! Our designs included clothing, hats and vintage evening bags that we gave "new" glamour to! We have surrounded ourselves with much inspiration and have finally found the outlet to share it all with you! We are perfectionists and usually find that our jewelry goes thru many stages before you get to place your eyes on it!

To begin with... we must be inspired to create! This is crucial! A happy home, plus living each day to the fullest, has been our recipe! Step two... we design... sometimes on paper, other times directly to the table with gemstones in hand! The third step... I photograph these creations in hopes of doing them justice! I have to say that my "OCD" tendencies really get the best of me in this area! Taking 194 pictures to finally approve 15 of them is something I want to get better at! Just yesterday, I spent 6 hours on three items! Okay... now I'm embarrassed... but that time did include editing and posting to the website... does that make it seem better? A good friend reminded me the other day that time flies when we're having fun... she is sooooo right!

My love of photography has consumed me for years... I've made stationery, note cards and even videos! I also have an extensive collection of "food items" that I've photographed... hoping to one day publish a cookbook with all of my favorite recipes!

We've lived in Brooklyn for 9 years and hope to return to Texas one day soon! God willing! I want to hear the rooster wake us up and ride our horses into the sunset!

Until we win the lotto... David will spend way too much time at his "day job" as a manager at a really neat glass company in Manhattan (his stained-glass designs are exquisite!) As for myself, I hop from retail management positions to creative "domestic goddess" time at home... trying to do it all! Still yearning for the role of a lifetime on "All My Children"! :) From my mouth to God's ears!

So this gives you a little insight into "mendlbarr"... sweet dreams...have a good night!

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