Friday, September 18, 2015

Rocking Chairs... every home should have at least one!

Our love for antique rocking chairs continues...

This wonderful rocking chair wanted to be a statement piece... painted a bright fuchsia, it welcomes everyone with a smile!

Massive Wicker Rocker was repaired, repainted and matched with the perfect stool...

Sometimes we find antique beauties and all they needed was some TLC... wish we had the room to keep all of our treasures... just saying!

After some cleaning and polishing, we loved the original patina/finish so much that we kept this Antique Windsor Rocking Chair in it's original glory... this chair was soooooo comfortable :)
This extra large rocker was transformed into our most popular Shabby Cottage Chic finish... painted, distressed and sealed for protection!

This "gentleman" hugged you well when you sat down... solid, heavy craftsmanship...

Just a sampling of the transformations... we love rocking chairs!  Every home should have at least one :)

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