Friday, December 6, 2013

VINTAGE SILVER & GOLD... 2013 “People’s Choice” Deck the Tables Awards... vote thru the weekend! :)



We designed our "VINTAGE SILVER AND GOLD" table with many of the loved objects found during our 14 yrs in NYC... magical, elegant and inspired by the Bergdorf windows we admired each Christmas season :)
The Houston Design Center opened the online voting for "Peoples Choice 2013"... we are excited and would so appreciate it if you took a minute and placed your vote...  voting ends Monday (12/09) at 5pm!

We are the fourth listing... it reads...

"VINTAGE SILVER AND GOLD" by Melanie Brown, Jill Winterhalter and David Barrera at Dauphin Sales in Suite 273

This whole process has been such a learning experience... the feedback and compliments have been wonderful!  Just participating and seeing our design become a reality made us winners... having you vote for us would be icing on the cake! 

You can still pop in at the Houston Design Center and see it in person... say "hi" to my husband, David, and make our day :)

Click on any of the highlighted areas OR if you are reading this on your phone... just CLICK HERE TO VOTE... 

Thanks again!!!


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