Sunday, August 12, 2012

Renaissance Rags... memories...

Wow! Just unpacked some oldies but goodies... Renaissance Rags!!

Back in 1995, we would spend our days searching for vintage laces and trims to bring new life to the old.  We also upcycled vintage evening bags... created jeweled handles for them using natural stones... many transitioned into necklaces with lobster claw closures :)

So many Texas creations were sold back then... wish I had thought to photograph our "babies" beforehand.  We live and learn, right?  Each piece will now get time in the photo studio before it leaves us for its new home!

Looking back and reliving our creative history, it's no wonder Dave and I seem to tackle many new avenues... chandeliers, furniture and cupcakes!  Who knows what lies ahead for us... as long as we can create one-of-a-kind beauties... our souls sing! 

"You are here to create. You are here to create your world any way you want. Even after this life you are still creating. You are creating for all eternity."

Now go out and play... bet you have something to manifest right this minute... it's the little things...  :) 


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