Friday, January 13, 2012

Paris, France... I long for you...

There are many places I'd like to visit... Australia, Africa, Tuscany... each influenced by a television show, magazine article and movie!  Now, my friends... we must go to Paris!
So this is how it all started...

After seeing "Survivor Outback"... Australia was a must!  I want to interview the Australian Aborigines.  Even before that, like a couple of decades ago, I came across a spread in a magazine about Brooke Shield's African safari... complete with white tents, catered meals, silverware and china... I still long for that kind of adventure!  Then came "Under the Tuscan Sun", a movie that made Tuscany seem so intoxicating!  I want to live amongst the vineyards!  One day soon, we will visit each one of these places and I will write of the experience...  from these words to God's ears... :)

click for official movie trailer

click for Manu Monedero Remix (using opening scenes)

Last week, we watched Woody Allen's latest movie... we will plan a trip to Paris, France (even before those other places I've described)!  If you haven't seen "Midnight in Paris", please make time to watch it.  The cinematography is breathtaking, the all-star cast is divine, the perfect storyline for those of us who are dreamers... and ahhhh! we must not forget the soundtrack... addicting :)
Let me know how you liked the movie... enjoy!

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