Tuesday, December 20, 2011

mendlbarr's vodka slush

Here's a 30 yr old drink recipe that has been a hit at all of our parties... give it a try and let the festivities begin! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

Mendlbarr’s Vodka Slush

20 oz can chunk pineapple (w/juice)
8 oz jar maraschino cherries (w/juice)
11 oz can mandarin orange segments (w/juice)
12 oz frozen pink lemonade concentrate
6 oz frozen orange juice concentrate
12 oz vodka
2- Liter bottle of 7-Up (half in mix, and other half will be poured on top when ready to serve)

***** I prefer to mix everything (except half of the soda) in a very large bowl and then divide evenly into smaller freezable plastic containers so that I can prepare it, in phases, and keep it slushy during the entire party.   Use a slotted spoon to carefully divide fruit amongst the containers, then pour liquid.  Freeze.  When ready to serve, break up a batch of the frozen mixture and pour a little 7-Up over it… mix and enjoy!

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