Sunday, October 9, 2011

zoe coste

Came across these old earrings from my "big" earring days!  Ahhh, the memories!  These were purchased for my headshot in the 1980's... feels like yesterday!   Seems almost a sin to have kept such beauties stored away all these years... maybe it's time to let go of them, huh?   Put them on our vintage etsy site... will probably change my mind before long :)

Here's some info on this designer:
"Ms. Coste's jewelry was sold in exclusive, very high end boutiques in the 1970's & early 1980's, it is scarce in the market place and becoming highly sought after by collectors, who've loved and hunted it for years! You will not see her jewelry often."

Now... get ready... and as my husband so eloquently described it... here's my 1980's headshot with my "Rod Stewart, cockatoo, David Cassidy" hair... LOL!


Nicolette said...

Hi, I have been given a pair of these earrings by one of my aunts who was cleaning out her jewelry box & I would like to list these online to sell. I was just wondering if you knew how much the original retail price for these earrings was. Thanks!

mendlbarr said...

Hello Nicolette!
I am not sure on the exact price I paid for my earrings... thinking it was just over $100 back in the early 80s... may your earrings also find their perfect home :)

Nicolette said...

Thank you so much! C: